This is a review of "Please leave the state in the toilet in which you would wish to find it" recorded by Farming Incident. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

Farming Incident are by far and away the most challenging horse to ride in the Wrath stables. They share none of the immediacy of there stable mates and with good reason. This release finds them in a bleak mood but still with a political point to hammer home. They do it with a low mumbling off key vocal line and a mixture of alternative big noise peppered with moodier smouldering guitar. For the most part it works and the ideology is carried comfortably on its back.

"When Your Political Ideology..." is about as upbeat as Farming Incident get but it opens the CD in unmemorable fashion. The stand out song here is "Pinochet Va Payer", which sees the band perfectly meld well written political poetry with some quality lo-fi. It sets a high water mark by which following track "The Widening Gap" whole heartedly drowns. Poetry turns to rant and the melody to mundane. Closer "The Equaliser" is not a clever song built around an Edward Woodward pun, but instead a Mogwai style 6 minute epic that broods and growls with the occasional shout from vocalist Dave Proctor.

Mixing music and politics is a risky game. Is there one politically minded song in the charts? Of course Farming Incident have no such desires to be ranked and rigged with plastic muppets but there is a point. Music for most people, even those not buying chart singles is usually there to be enjoyed and provide entertainment. Farming Incident paint a landscape filled with cold grey skies, clinging drizzle, pollution filled gutters, nasty politicians who murder, torture, and spread disease for fun. It's not exactly the perfect antidote to a hard day at the office. In this age when our bums grow bigger and our lives easier Farming Incident will undoubtedly find it hard to find an audience.