This is a review of "Foodchain EP" recorded by 10,000 Things. The review was written by Cathy Simpson in 2004.

Imagine Status Quo with occasional bongos. Got it? Ok, that's half way to the sound of 10,000 Things. The thing is though, what the Quo lacked in coolness, originality or glamour they made up in bloody catchiness, and 10,000 Things have got that down to a T.

The "Foodchain EP" is four tracks of riff-driven rock topped with Sam Riley's jagged, throaty vocals which fall mid-way between famous womaniser Mick Jagger and famous kiddie-fiddler Gary Glitter, but remember, despite their sexual preferences both these men knew how to Rock and this is the quality which Riley's voice has in spades. 10,000 Things are relentlessly energetic and whilst they aren't covering any new ground musically they are making some toe-tapping, catchy tunes and that's no bad thing. If you like your music masculine (Riley belting out such touching lyrics as 'she looks so different with her clothes on' in "Oh No!") then 10,000 Things are for you.

If the tin said - We rock good and proper, there's no need to complicate things, if it ain't broke don't fix it - then 10,000 Things would do exactly what it said on the tin.

Disclaimer: 10,000 Things do not think Status Quo are in any way 'broke'.