This is a review of "Continuous Performance" recorded by Polarize. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

It's amazing what clues are given away by the letter/biog that accompanies a CD. In the case of Polarize it's a one line letter scrawled in biro: "Here's our first 4 track EP, completely self produced... enjoy!" The message they no doubt conceived this would give off - "hey that's all they'll need to know man!" is far from the reality. The letter reflects a scrappy and scribbled performance that shows eagerness over thought.

Four songs of equal merit - all suffering with the same symptoms, stemming from a young band with the ideas but not yet the means or experience to put them into action. The scruffy playing at times adds but more often than not takes away. The big problem for immediate address is the lead vocal - flat, short on melody and badly in need of some decent lyrics... "does no-one know how I feel, I feel unreal" etc, etc, cliché, cliché, meaningless blah.

Polarize have ideas and enthusiasm but are still learning their craft with some way yet to go.