This article was published in 2004.

Action Directe will release their long-awaited second full-length album Counterculture, to be released on 1st May on Oktober Productions and available through Darkcell Digital Music. The new release - the first with the new line-up - marks the continued development of the band's sound from the paired-down industrial riffing of their earlier material to a more rounded, electronic and song-based approach. It also represents the band's concerted attempt to combine their industrial and EBM approach with their punk-based political attitudes; so 'Counterculture' is not only more varied in its instrumentation and songwriting, but also sees the band trying to create a more inclusive and positive energy from these factional and antagonistic times. It is easily their best material so far.

Tracks include both songs from last years AA-sided single Oktober / Compatriot Games, with final tracklisting and details to be announced in the next six weeks.