This is a review of "Give Me A Reason" recorded by Menbrain. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2004.

Lets get this out of the way. This is some of the worst production I have heard on a demo. It's the worst snare sound ever recorded too. I find it hard to understand how anyone can hear it and not think "Hmmm, maybe I should do something about that". It sounds like the school dinner lady banging a tray. Some nifty guitar work goes some way to recovering some ground for Menbrain. This is 80's cock rock at not quite its finest though. There's nothing spectacular to hook in the listener, it's pretty formulaic and the lyrics would make even Gene Simmons cringe, not least the yodel at the end of 'Turn Me On'. 'Hottest Thing In The City' seems to borrow its opening from 'Teenage Kicks' before realising and wandering off into another 80's riffage and shouty vocals. The Darkness this is not. Poor it is.