This is a review of "Souls of Infinity" recorded by Electric Mud Generator. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2004.

Appropriately with a name containing the word "mud" this is a dirty throaty blues rock stab from the Leeds outfit. Six songs of blues, Led Zep riffs and Sabbath guitar. The feel is of three mates really basking in their own guitar noise and sludgy decadence. Inevitably the lyrics are not top priority and hark of those which "kind of fitted" whilst jamming.

Highlights come from opener "Tomorrow", the Von Bondiesish opening to "Burning Down The Wall" and the mighty closer "Death Addiction". Just hear him ride it down the fret board - weeeeaaaaaaooowww!

There's nothing wholly outstanding in the song writing and none of the slightly too long tunes really take the lead, but the vibe is good and a wealth of promising seeds are sewn. Some excellent guitar work from lead man Duncan Evans shows some genuine talent and appreciation for his forebears. One slight nag is the Amereecaannn! vocal style through out - a shame as Mr Evans is not without a good voice that he needs the false slant.

In all promising and proficient stuff.