This is a review of "Use Yer Head" recorded by The Bilderberg Group. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2003.

Back in September 2001 I reviewed the "I Knew You'd Know I'd Know You Know" album from The Bilderberg Group. It was mad, inventive and rather wonderful. The current CD single is just wonderful.

Of all the styles in the Bilderberg bag we have three tracks here from consistently bluesed up alt country territory. Use Yer Head is a well made romp with some fine "where did that come from?" moments and a great harmonica solo. "Mr Jones" at track 2 is (maybe) a less successful song, but it’s given such a neat performance that you start to forgive it and end up loving it. There’s more harmonica, there’s utterly good Jew’s harp and some very stylish guitar that completes the tune unobtrusively and effectively.

And then, oh joy. The treat has been left to the end. "Cease and Provide" sets off with acoustic Springsteen guitar, introduces a glorious rich voice and then brings in the most "my God what’s that bass line?" ever. The basically simple song keeps going for six minutes or so with layers and layers of musical textures and voices being added until an electronic babywipe smoothes out the end, sprinkling acoustic dust like talcum powder as it goes. The bass line dominates to the extent that I can still here it when it’s gone. (part of it’s commercially dangerous six note hook is picked out in a higher octave in some of the keyboard patterns I think). "Do you feel alright?" he sings. Damn right I do. This is the intelligent well made music that we all deserve.

You can buy it in Jumbo. So do it.