This is a review of "Look Sharp EP" recorded by Yellow Stripe Nine. The review was written by James Stringer in 2003.

Yellow Stripe Nine are a band I've heard of but never heard, until now, and on the basis of this CD I'm wondering why. I'm dead impressed with this CD. Not necessarily the packaging - its a poorly photocopied picture of the band playing with an average looking tracklisting and logo. But the Look Sharp E.P. speaks volumes with what matters - the music. Indie-fied rock is coupled with interesting riffs, catchy choruses are met with musical competence and the superb voice of singer Pete compliments the songs - actual songs - like a fine red wine compliments a smelly cheese.

Opening number 'Look Sharp' opens with a fast drumbeat, rocking guitars, with bass cutting in and out, before the Vocals come in. And I'm hooked. I want to see this band live now. The dynamics are great on this, bass is clever and guitars working together with riffs and licks instead of a usually strum along that you'd expect. All this and a guy who can sing, from the first song I'm impressed muchly.

With the second one 'I Love you' we have a quirky little guitar riff and a great syncopated drum beat and a catchy hook of ''even when you say I love you...'' This is a band who while still sounding indie and radio friendly actually sound like that have a basic grasps of their instruments. In fact more than that - they sound like they can play them. What a refreshing change.

"Take it from me" closes the 3-track CD and it sounds like the Beta band's better stuff, especially in the voice and instrumentation - this is actually a good thing. I dunno if it its the hand claps, infectious harmonies and piano in there somewhere but it really does remind me of the beta band without sounding too much like them.

This probably won't please everybody, but it has certainly pleased me. Somebody please tell me when they're next playing live, and get them a decent CD cover.