This is a review of "Chasing Dreams" recorded by Union Jackass. The review was written by Paul Geary in 2004.

Local lads Union Jackass thought it about time to put something down to chronicle where they are as a band. And I'm glad they have. Three songs of American-styled melodic pop punk songs. First song reeks of Jawbreaker - melancholy guitar melodies and with the rudimentary personal lyrics it's a blend that fits together well. If you know the feeling like after you've played a gig, you're knackered, stinking of sweat and smoke, usually you're hungry, your ears are ringing and all you want is something to soothe the adrenaline out of your body, but you've got a 4 hour drive until your home and it's already ten to one, well there's a few songs I like to use to soothe the tension away. Currently it's "Game Over London" by the Jon Does, "Serpico" by Prolapse and now "Met on the Net" by these boys. Nice.

Second song is your more straight-up pop punk song a la Blink 182, full of vocal hooks and with a quick pace it does exactly what it says on the tin (judging by the pics of these boys, the drummer has an unhealthy obsession with the tit, I mean drummer of Blink 182. Oh dear.) Last song "Desert Rats" seems to have some sort of political message behind it, without the lyric sheet I'm unsure as to what exactly the point is, but I've said it before (and at the risk of boring some people) I'll say it again, in this apathetic age any sort of social conscience is admirable.

Great start to what should be a great band. Given time and a little more thought behind where they wanna go with their sound, there's no doubt we should hear some good things from these lads in the near future.