This is a review of "Lookaway" recorded by Brody. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

This is an experiment, a test of song writing, recording and packaging taking just 14 days from conception to release. All pretty impressive stuff, but far from a reason to buy it...which is perhaps why it is being given away free on demand. Those who have seen and enjoyed Brody will be familiar with their visceral big sound straight rock style, but for those who haven't think dated, think Faith No More, think Pearl Jam, think Soundgarden and you will be somewhere in the realms of 1992. For fans of the Chad Kroeger school of singing and that middle America, chest clutching, air fisting rock this is made to measure.

It's well played and produced providing numerous head bobbing moments and exploding in a full whack of power when asked for. Unfortunately it's a little bit by the numbers and although it's sure to please the sympathetic black t-shirts at gigs, it does little else to inspire. On a positive though Brody are progressing down the right road and as soon as they realise they can be great without sounding like so many others gone before, they'll be quids in!

It's worth the experience to hear Matthew Duggan sing "Bassoooon on a duuude cut yooo cleaaar", that is what he's singing isn't it? You've got to watch those woodwind instruments.