This is a review of "Snowfall" recorded by Diawara. The review was written by Tony Pasquariello in 2003.

Diawara, in my opinion, have to be one of the most improved bands over the last year. Musically they have got so, so much tighter and their songwriting has improved as demonstrated on this EP. There are songs that rock you and songs that grab the heart. Each song is good in its own way. Nothing really memorable, but enough on there to keep you listening. There are some good ideas being banded about on here, but the only thing that lets them down is the vocals. The vocalist has quite a distinctive voice with both power and clarity but they are often out of tune and grow increasingly annoying to listen to. I think that they have the makings to be a good band, and I would want to see them live, because they have some quite excellent guitar lines and play together well as a unit. Not a bad EP.