This is an archive of the band profile for Samskara.

Samskara are:

Dave - Vocals, Guitar, Crazy Dancing
Rodder - Lead Guitar
Pete - Bass
Stel - Drums

They formed around two years ago and played a couple of low key shows in the Pontefract area, mainly to a handful of friends or at parties. They spent that time honing their sound before finally getting their sound to how they wanted.

They recorded a few tracks in Dave's bedroom which developed a bit of interest locally which lead to them getting a few more gigs before finally playing their debut Leeds gig at the Fenton, with The Old House.

Since then they have played the prestigious Boat Club in Nottingham and have just recorded their first 'proper' demo.

They are also in the process of booking a DIY UK tour to place in the summer.

They have upcoming gigs in Leeds and are hoping to put together a PonteMusic showcase in Middlesbrough near the end of May..