This is a review of "Amarantal Meltdown" recorded by Pop Threat. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

Pop Threat's 4-track EP release on Mook Records begins with an eerie twist of distorted, effects driven guitars coupled with vocals by Caroline, creating a total wall of sound, perhaps an up-to-date Sonic Youth with an almost-melody shining through. "Vivia" is another twist in the Pop Threat tale, with an amzingly beautiful start, bands such as The Darling Buds are immediately evident throughout the "nicer" parts, but in true style the band throw their effects around to get a rougher alternative aspect at times. The Darling Buds are again evident in "D 4th S", just brought into the 21st Century with the background distorted twist of guitars, perhaps veering off towards Prolapse, but all in all a totally unique Pop Threat sound. The guitars on the middle two tracks aren't in your face, like a lot of bands, and this is what is refreshing about this EP, its pretty, its nice, but it also rocks, is weird and totally original. "Its the Police!" ends the EP and is a return to the style of the opening track, a weird and wonderful affair of distorted Sonic Youth inspired wizzardry.