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Ali Whitton is a 20 year old local singer-songwriter who has crafted a collection of introspective songs tinged with melancholy, but that also combine classic melodic pop sensibilities with a sincere belief in looking below the surface of life. He was born in New Zealand in 1983 and grew up listening to anything from Bob Dylan to Buddy Holly, however his interest in playing music blossomed late as he only took up guitar aged 17. He is currently gaining momentum on the Leeds gig circuit and plays live with Jenna Isherwood (Viola), Lee Potter (Lead Guitar), and Alison Cooke (Backing Vocals), with the odd guest appearance of his twin-brother Rob. He has released two CD's to date however is currently working hard recording a full length debut album. His new songs show a growing confidence in musical ideas and a depth that is unusual for his age. Live performances are saturated with emotion and cover songs such as "Just Like Heaven" by the Cure are made unique by the individual playing and dynamics of the band..