This is a review of "The Idea Machines" recorded by Parisman. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

You won't hear much like this on the Leeds Music Scene, nor I suspect on the national scene as Parisman have achieved a refreshing state where they're peddling a distinctive sound and not one carbon copied from artists of the current vogue. With their Doctor Who sounds, Gary Numan industrial synths, chunky rocking guitar riffs, and general detail laden walls of sound they are a reviewers pleasure.

This 3 track release has a wealth of ideas and sounds to keep even the hardiest of muso satisfied. Influences rattle in but are rarely around long enough for you to see their faces and the journey just keeps pushing on. Opener "Radio Mountains" is by far the strongest here and manages to rise above the purely "interesting" tag tied on the toe of "Casino Casino" and "The Idea Machine". At times Parisman are a little too prog for their own good and wander into needless guitar solos (Radio Mountains) or weak funk bass breaks (The Idea Machine) but it's a harsh critic who dwells on such brief moments of naivety in what is an otherwise solid musical ride.

The overall experience of this CD is one of "tasty but I'd have liked a bigger portion". With a little more depth and meaning turning these musical landscapes into songs, then these Parisians will have it sorted. If A&R men weren't so hung up on finding the finished package and were instead looking for potential, they'd be hard pushed not to look at Parisman.