This is an archive of the band profile for The Butterfly.

The Butterfly sound like:
the sweep of a cape on the steps of Gotham Central Cathedral, a Machiavellian eye-brow in the court of Florence, questions both malapert and hypothetical, Stevie Wonder playing death metal, Flamenco-core, garage hip-hop, the hush between movements of a debut opera, vision processes combined with assured format capacity, the overthrow of hastily constructed musical dualisms.

The Butterfly are:
Bulletproof – The Electric Guitar and Amplifier, Shrieks, Croons, Hollers
Jell – The Electric Guitar and Amplifier, Synthesizer Strategies, Switch Programming
MC Theodore Campbell – The Electric Bass Guitar and Amplifier, The Didgeridoo, Soars, Cries, Whispers
The Artist Currently Know As James Cameron – The Bass Drum, The Hi-Hat, The Cymbals, The Snare Drum, The Tom-Toms

The Butterfly are influenced by:
The collective works of Mr Mike Patton, Radiohead, hits from the 60's and 70's, Mr David Bowie, Mr Miles Davis, Clouddead, Mr Albert Camus, Miss Billie Holiday, The Michael Jackson, Mr Neil Young, ABBA, At The Drive-In, Mr Leo Tolstoy, Cannibal Corpse, Just William, Venetian Snares, Eros, Tool, Mr Ludwig van Beethoven, The Oscar Wilde, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Talking Heads, Soilwork, The Meters, Autumn and the other seasons, Prince, Mr Joaqu'n Rodrigo, Mingus!, Batman and other less self-made superheroes, Thanatos, Beastie Boys, The Elvis A. Presley, Vanity Fair, Boards of Canada, Mr Martin Scorsese, The Folds in Caravaggio, The Freeze Force, Joy Division, The Beano 1983-1996, Mr Bruce Springsteen, the genius flavoured works found on the Anticon, Symphony X, Pearl Jam, Mr George Orwell, Mr Aldo Gallo, other objects, musics and concepts..