This is an archive of the band profile for King Booty.

Geoff Warren - Keyboards / Samples
Vicky Fee - Vocals
Mark Tighe - Guitars

"Infectious melodies, mind blowing samples, 3 talented musicians".

This song writing trio can honestly be described as an intelligent band with a cool new sound.

With an outstanding female vocalist, 2 mind-blowing musicians, and an eclectic collection of material, King Booty have just finished writing their debut album of eclectic, cleverly written material - a mixture of intelligent songs to appeal to music lovers everywhere.

Songs entitled "Blue Funk" will leave you uplifted, and tapping those feet all the way to the end of the gig. The atmospheric sample laden drum and bass grooves of "Easy Come, Easy Go" will appeal to those musos who prefer a more dark and ambient kind of vibe. King Booty's most recent creation "Book of Dreams" features haunting samples, deep lyrics, distinctive vocals and hypnotic guitar rifts.

The chilled out café del mar type grooves of songs entitled "Still Walking" and "Time" will have you hooked in no time.

King Booty's EP will be ready for distribution in April 2004, King Booty will be playing at venues in the Leeds area from March 2004..