This article was published in 2004.

This Saturday (6th March) at West Yorkshire Playhouse sees the Fuse Musician's Network Day organised by Leeds City Council. Events take place from 12pm through until 6pm.

There will be stalls, displays and contact points of music organisations and groups, independent labels, promoters, media (and more!) enabling visitors to find out what's going on locally, get information, forge new links and spark new opportunities.

Throughout the day music industry professionals and insiders will be on hand with some priceless tips and essential info. You'll also get the chance to ask them personal and specific questions. If your goal is a career in music... this is where you want to be! Discover things about the industry that are vital to any career in music. Inter-band agreements, two in a bar, rights, where should you send your demo, planning your own progression, sticking it out, getting good publicity and coverage, media, PR skills, self-promotion, image, DIY, touring and much more.

There will also be a series of showcase performances by local musicians and bands. All performance slots are full but local bands are still encouraged to bring down and tout their demos and CDs.

DJs can showcase their talents with 20 minute guest sets. Anyone interested should bring a bag of records and register their on entry. There will also be beginner and intermediate sessions available between 3-5pm for individuals to learn some new DJ skills.

Also between 3-5pm will be a singing / vocal coaching session. Those interested should register at reception on the day.

Industry professionals DS Emotion will be on hand for one-to-one free advice and development drop-in surgeries regarding how to create the right website image for your band. Once again this session takes place between 3-5pm and should be booked at reception on arrival.