This is a review of "Mutley, 1, From Essex" recorded by les Flames!. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2003.

"We've got the rock, we've got the roll, we've got the sounds to get you excited, we've got the rock, we've got the roll, come on let's go!" sing the les Flames! vocal duo on their latest single. And they hit the nail squarely on the head. The Flames do indeed have the rock and roll sounds, and their brand is all rather fast and furious, yet just as stupid, guitar rawk fun. Boisterous, frantic and dirty, and with a riff on the B-side that sounds more than just a tribute to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, you really can't go wrong with these new wave punk sounds. "Rabid guitar rock" wrote the NME. "I don't like it. Do you like it?" asks Henri. Our answer? Yes, it's ace!