This is a review of "The Sound of Silence" recorded by Misled Vision. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

With a band name like Misled Vision and a CD title "The Sound of Silence" a pundits paradise awaits... "Misled Vision's misled vision was that it was time to record this CD", "The sound of silence would be preferable to this" etc. etc. Sadly all could be applied to this puberty driven grrr. It really is too soon for a band with an average age of 14.5 years. A severe showing of naivety and lack of experience in both playing and writing is demonstrated throughout.

If by some miracle of the unsigned music scene, Misled Vision are still together in 6 years time (a fact that is statistically against them) they will look back at this and squirm at the out of time drumming technique, shake their heads in a "what were we thinking" manner at the complete lack of vocal melody, and grimace at the GCSE lyrics. A couple more years and plenty more practices and MV will begin to have both skills and experiences to write songs that will impress beyond their classmates.