This is a review of "Something in Mind" recorded by Beautiful Feet. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

Bluddy Stewdants always thinking ure so bluddy smart! Well yes actually these specimens are! Beautiful feet are advocates of the softly softly sweeping harmonies approach that is so suited to summer afternoons and drinks with friends. This pretty CD shows some considerable steps in the right direction since I last encountered them. Three delicate tracks are delivered with a mature stance for strong melody and waves of drifting guitars.

At just 2mins 54 there just isn't enough of glorious opener "Weightless". With its ascending playout it's mightily infectious stuff. It set's some high standards for what follows and perhaps that is why progressively "Walking Trees" and subsequently "Unbreakable" have less of an impact on the ear.

Sounding like Ben & Jason, The Trash Can Sinatras or a soft Electric Soft Parade, Beautiful Feet are not really providing anything new. In current times of sweaty garage rock'n'roll this is the equivalent to a cup of tea with your Gran, but then she does bake exceedingly good cakes!