This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Acacia Avenue. The review was written by Paul Geary in 2004.

South Yorkshire 3 piece who wear their influences on their sleeves - Clash, Ramones, Sham 69. (Isn't Acacia Avenue an Iron Maiden song?) Catchy foot tapping punk and roll - heard it a hundred times before but 99 times it's been done a lot worse than these boys play it. In the press release they ask me to question if the protest song is dead but lyric wise I'm not hearing any great socio-political comments. In the first song all I can find is a lot of rhyming couplets that happen to mention gun culture, the second song mentions not wanting to be radio friendly. Eh? Protest music? I don't think so fellas. I'll stick to Billy Bragg. Nothing ground breaking here, they've stuck to a formula and it works.