This is a review of "Last Change" recorded by Tempting Kate. The review was written by James Stringer in 2003.

Tempting Kate are a band that play exciting pop punky stuff. And I don't mean the kind that is plugged away on mtv2 all the time, I mean up tempo rock songs with powerful vocals and real melody.

The opener 'Last Change of heart' is this down to a tee. Catchy, rocking and very, very good. This is the model for the rest of the CD, each song being an exciting with great changes in dynamics, one minute they're building up from something, the next they're rocking out. One thing that is a problem for them though is similarity and the fact that there's a lot of it between songs. Towards the end of the CD the palm muted guitars in the verse near on tiresome, but this isn't a great problem, although it would be if live there is the same sort of songs being played throughout the set.

If you listen to each song individually you have a great impression of the band, but as a CD they tend to have the Status Quo disease. Other than this, Tempting Kate show a lot of promise and if they can add a wider range of songs that aren't so similar they'd be a great band. As it stands, this is impressive but could be more interesting and do the band more favours.