This is a review of "My Indecision Is Final" recorded by LaRusso. The review was written by Holden DeForge in 2004.

Self recorded and self produced eh? Usually sounds like a recipe for disaster amongst local bands. Well, not this time, I suggest everyone ships out to Casa La Russo and asks them to work their magic on their own records. This sounds great, a nice big drum sound, vocals sitting on top of everything without seeming detached, guitars crunch and cut through whilst the bass chugs along sweetly, never sounding muddy or getting lost in the flood.

The arrangements of each song shows a degree of thought and care, opener 'Head Between The Speakers' has some lovely stops and starts, it's almost daring radio stations not to play it, instantly memorable. 'Caught Myself' takes down the tempo a little, a slow burning, melodic rocker that could so easily become some wanky piece of self-indulgence. Good job that La Russo are the craftsmen that they are and they whip out another fine vocal line that has tentacles grasping at your senses, once those blighters sink in to you then there's no letting go. A groovy little drum n bass esque beat propels the verses of 'Team America' with some staccato guitar adding a little spice until the chorus becomes one huge rock out with a simply fucking ace melody again. There's no other way to say it. It's going to sound awesome live. Speaking of which, I recall Ric Miller's vocals being a lot stronger live, on this disc they sound a bit nasal at times and don't quite do justice. But hey, music is meant for sweaty bars not living rooms so go see La Russo now whilst you still have some chance of getting near the front of the stage.