This is an archive of the band profile for The Cubes.

The Cubes are, Jason Dixon, Dan Franklin, David Roy, Damon Sturgeon and Paul Roy.

If it wasn't for the Internet some people would argue that "The Cubes" wouldn't exist. Ask any of the band members and they would say different. They would argue that fate (although it can drag its heels) finally got its act together.

The most successful bands, and by that I mean those creating the kind of music that lifts not only the audiences souls but equally the band as a whole, have a chemistry that inextricably links them together, all the guys in The Cubes recognised they were part of something very special after only a couple of rehearsals. This has been born out by the plaudits already received after their first gig.

The story so far...

Jason Dixon the drummer, can be credited for the realisation of The Cubes, with many years experience playing in some of the Uk's finest rock and punk bands he finally grew frustrated with the kind of egos and personalities he constantly had to work with and decided that it was time to try and put a band together that would leave its mark. Jason invited Dan a very talented bass player and someone who he respected a great deal to help him get the ball rolling.

Through an add on internet he met and teamed up with David Roy a phenomenal songwriter and powerful vocalist and his brother Paul, a talented keyboards player and all rounder, the technical brain behind the band. Both of them have played in various guises over the years and have amassed a wealth of live and recording experience and worked with many top names and producers, one of the highlights being the opportunity to have John Jacobs one of Paul McCartney's producers, produce three of their singles.

The final piece in The Cubes jigsaw saw Damon Sturgeon in his own words "an economic migrant from the northeast" finally join the band. After seeing Damon play a solo acoustic gig they recognised an extremely talented and emotional lead guitarist who would immediately compliment their fledging sound. Damon's girlfriend Helen takes most of the credit for completing the line up as she saw the bands add and emailed on his behalf without him knowing. The rest as they say is history. .