This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by The Invention. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2003.

The opening bars of the mistitled "Orgasm" are beautifully done. A well controlled and very sweet guitar phrase leads into Anthony Slattery's very good vocal delivery on a big open song. The tune holds together convincingly and the band play standard soft rock accompaniment with authority. A tempo shift towards the end brings in funked-up guitar and an extra chorus that has infectious possibilities - but which destroys the warm and soulful mood of the main song and adds an extra minute that the song didn't need.

"Be There" is not quite such a good song, but it still has the spirit of the first and The Invention sustain their claim to be a credible soft rock outfit with a sense of style and melody. Anthony Slattery's husky voice, with some good phrasing and distinctive personality is the outstanding feature.

"On a Clear Day" is cliché from start to finish. There's a long and pointless introduction of chord changing and the lyrics noodle about without any sense of purpose or direction. "I need to get out and catch me a break / When will the last hour come? / My feelings are numb ... etc" are way too dull to be worth singing in the first place - but on this track we get them repeated. There's also a longish guitar solo that does nothing we haven't heard a million times before.

So, some raw musical talent that shouts out for some heavy duty production input. And maybe a question needs asking about who this kind of music is aimed at.