This is an archive of the band profile for Three Random Words.

Three Random Words was formed, officially, in September 2003. Roger (vocals, guitar) and Danny (lead guitar) had been wanting to start a band for a while, the former having worked as a solo artist for some time, the latter never having had the opportunity to publicly express himself through music. At the same time, Joe (drums, piano) and Lewis (bass) - the former a Danny-alike in his lack of experience, the latter having bassed for Priority One before their split earlier that year - were also thinking of forming something resembling a musical outfit.

What to do? Merge!

And so such happenings begat Three Random Words. The name, should anyone be interested, was spontaneously decided upon during a practice session at Whittington Manor (quick back-story: Joe's house is enormous. Roger dubbed it 'The Manor'), as the band were considering names. "What is a good name?" Danny mused. "Think about it: The Rolling Stones, A Perfect Circle, Less Than Jake... all the best names are just three random words, really..."

"By Jove, we've got it!"

Something like that, anyway. And so goes the story of randomness. Tell it to your grandchildren one day, and watch them squirm with excitement..