This is an archive of the band profile for Drat.

Brian Acton - guitar and vocals
Bruce Reid - bass, double bass and telephone vocals
Dave Lynch - keyboards, guitar and vocals
Jez Smith - drums

The Irish Sea is notorious for its high winds, stormy seas and irradiated mackerel. Despite this, Drat left Belfast and swam for England in February 2004. This kind of bravery should not go unnoticed. These young men equipped themselves with a caseload of melodies, lyrics, instruments, and a cat named turtle before journeying to a hilltop in the epicenter of rural England. Currently there is a bustle of activity from the Drat barn as new demo material is written, recorded and sent on the wind to the surrounding valleys.

After a few years of plugging away in Ireland, gaining support from fans, promoters and the media, Drat came to a turning point. 2003 witnessed the birth of 'Brittle Pale Blue' EP, crammed with songs any unsigned band would kill for. It now sits on the mantel, proudly looking forward, but never smug. Firmly a winner with all, it highlights perfectly that Drat's songs are hard to forget, staying with you when you're walking down the street, and particularly when you're trying to get to sleep at night. Simple melodic guitar lines, looped by lo-fi gems and delicate vocals, laced with dirty keyboards and sharp lyrics, comprising a mellow undercurrent as well as having teeth: not unlike a crocodile on morphine. The 4-track EP received much acclaim on their recent UK tour, with live shows further demonstrating their proficiency. Armed with a front man who could sell snow to Eskimos, Drat's live performances leave you wanting more and wondering what's next.

It's easy to pigeonhole music and forget it's a craft. Drat have been compared to other bands, but it's best not to mention them here. Great bands though they all are, Drat aim to be themselves, creating honest music they love first and foremost. If melodies and lyrics with depth are easy to write, we'd all be doing it; we're not. Instead, we look for artists that are a little bit different, with songs that we connect with. In today's pop industry where songs are written for people who can only sing one type of song - power ballads, Drat are unique craftsmen, brilliantly skilled at their trade. Listen to their songs and pay attention, they've only just begun....