This is an archive of the band profile for Finka.

In the highly competitive new band scene in Manchester few acts have emerged in recent years, to compare with FINKA (who include one Leeds-based band member). Their electrifying performances at sell-out gigs have earned them a devoted core following rarely enjoyed by an unsigned band.

Their unexpected invitation to appear at Glastonbury 2003 gave them the kind of exposure most new acts can only dream about. That performance brought critical acclaim and an avalanche of glowing tributes, now vividly reflected on their website message board.

In a follow-up article in The Manchester Evening News journalist David Sue said: "FINKA take the current trend for indie rock stargazing but lace it with U2 stadium rock firepower and a sure sense of groove".

While some new bands strive for an original sound, comparisons will invariably be made with established acts. In FINKA's case being compared with U2 and Coldplay, while a flattering endorsement of their appeal, is something the foursome are ambivalent about.

Individually, they admit to many influences but insist that their sound is original and greater than the sum of those influences. Having written more than twenty songs FINKA's music exudes a built-in maturity and confidence which is consistently demonstrated in their live performances.

Audiences are enraptured by singer Jimmy Frith's uniquely charismatic voice and introspective lyrics. Lead guitarist Adam Coy's delivery ranges from evocative finger-picking melodies to an explosive, stadium-style, rock sound. Bass guitarist Matthew Jepson and drummer Alan Creedon work closely together to underscore and augment the rhythm and flow of the music.

FINKA have evolved from tentative beginnings in Manchester's pub'n'club scene to gigs at venues in London, Liverpool, Leeds, Bristol and Sheffield. Their recent headline performances to sell-out crowds in Manchester Academy 3 and Leeds Met. University firmly established their credibility as a self-contained band of rock and roll songsmiths.

The band is now managed by Rising Seven Music, a company headed up by husband and wife team Stuart and Rachel Middleton who have an impressive track record in the music industry.

Having experienced one of FINKA's remarkable live performances, they were totally convinced of the band's potential for major success. Now they are focused on realising that conviction as FINKA's management and promotion team.

The fusion of FINKA's indisputable musical talents and their management's proven experience is the kind of elusive formula for success rarely encountered in popular music culture today.

FINKA have an unwavering belief in the honesty and purity of their music. That belief is echoed in their ever-widening fan base..