This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Soberskin. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

Why-oh-why have I been sitting on this CD for so long?

In a number of recent CD reviews I've been saying that I've failed to find that killer touch, the hook that takes you from simply enjoying the music to actually going further and saying that you "love" what you're listening to. I don't think since I listened to Visa's CD have I felt so much towards a demo recording - ok, let's say it ... I love this.

It's pretty obvious from previous reviews that I'm a sucker for indie-poppy-guitar music, so I'd like to say now that this is nothing like that at all. Soberskin have produced a demo CD that is purely entertainment. An electronic touch (mid-late 80's) mixed in with some pop-catchy vocals, all mixed in with guitars and drums to give it something different.

The band describe themselves as a mixture of Human League and Beck, so if you add that together, mix in bands such as Space, but give it something more. To tell you the truth this is really annoying because the songs are still going around my head at work, driving home, whilst watching TV. Soberskin - you have ruined my life with your CD!

Luckily, so you can see what I mean, the tracks are all available to listen to at their website, so give it a go ... I dare you try it and challenge you to try not to sing, "Is there anybody out there? In another existence, All we are is Curious" for ever more.

Bloody good.