This is a review of "Here Comes A Close Up" recorded by The Glitterati. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2004.

The second single as The Glitterati, and their major label debut, sees the Leeds five-piece complete the task of putting to tape their entire current set list. No back catalogue and no baggage, what you see and hear is what you get. Recorded or live. The band rush headlong into new single "Here Comes a Close Up", a sleazy, sexy rock'n'roll threesome not too dissimilar to Aerosmith and with hints of Guns'n'Roses. Although I have to say, comparisons are one thing but there are leagues to separate them. It's early days. This is stadium rock, all tight t-shirts and leather jackets, vocal wailing, yet for all its rockin' riffs, attitude, and sing along moments, I just don't actually understand the song: "If this is so easy / and if you're going to leave me / then why is everybody doing this" and "we were told we'd never live without you". Lyrics repeat ad infinitum, and I don't get it I'm afraid.

B-side "Gimme What's Yours" is the closest to what people may have remembered from Mariko and it makes for good respite.

Not entirely positive, but no, this isn't the start of a backlash! I love these guys, but it should be said that this CD doesn't compare to their debut single. I personally feel that as the two singles, including B-sides, are essentially the make up of their entire live set I feel there's a current lack of depth, which will improve over time. There were better songs in the Mariko set list (I promise that's the last I'll ever mention that name) that have since been dropped.

They work live, but perhaps to put these three tracks on this particular single may have been a step too far, and a touch too early.