This is a review of "Posh Filth EP" recorded by Baby Food. The review was written by Simon Glacken in 2004.

Some bands spend a fortune on their music. Fancy expensive guitars, Roland keyboards, flash drum kits, the works. Baby Food however do not. These guys are cheap. Cheap keyboard, cheap drum machine and a cheap overdriven bass. Claiming to have been "gigging like whores" these musical sluts have managed to find the time and money to put together a 4-track EP for our listening pleasure.

Musically as expected this is low budget but this does add to the appeal of the band. Sounding like early Joy Division being molested by Devo, Baby Food create a very uncomfortable yet interesting sound.

The cheap keyboards add a creepy undertone to the tracks while the fuzzy over driven bass holds everything together. The drum machine of course is ever present but at times grates heavily on the ears. The beats aren't DJ Shadow styled hip-hop beats, no these are naff 80s beats and are the only thing that really let the band down.

Vocally the lead singers wailings fit perfectly over these four tracks with Meathead and Desperats being the best offerings from the band. Lyrically the band rhyme words that you never thought would go together. Defying all odds these guys make something that on paper should sound crap actually sound pretty damn cool. Would definitely like to see these guys playing live.