This is a review of "The Lodger Sings A Demo CD" recorded by The Lodger. The review was written by Cathy Simpson in 2004.

The Lodger is starting the Britpop revival as of NOW. His lyrics are honest and insecure at times but he ain't no bedroom melancholic, no no. Like all the Britpop greats, Cocker, Coxon, Butler, the Lodger is on the outside of the inside, the wallflower of a scene, he's in a world of fancying girls who fancy other boys and being cool just not cool enough. But also like them he's doing something about it. He's gonna make the bastards dance.

Opener 'Getting Special' has a hypnotic verse laced with pounding bass drum and a funky guitar riff that blends into a sugar sweet chorus that's a dot Britpop, a dash cute 60's TV theme and a whole load glittery indie disco fodder. This is followed by the dreamscape of 'Unsatisfied', a track about second-hand status and feeling nervous with a girl you like. There's something of the Pulp about this, almost as if it's been written by Jarvis's younger, less pervy, but equally talented younger brother.

The cherry on top of this sparky, sparkly three-track demo is two-minute retro rock n' roll number 'Look Around' which shows the Lodger is no one-trick pony.

Either the Lodger has an amazing sense of quality control or he only writes fucking good songs. This is a demo you should hear.