This is a review of "Music For Joyriding" recorded by Superelectric. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

"10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0-Do It!".

The 16 second countdown of Go! is complete.

Having listened to the Superelectric demo CD (absolutely amazing) and seen the live show a couple of times I could see a different direction on their free CD, Music For Joyriding. This CD is an 8-track collection of live and recorded material, limited to only 50 copies and given away free at their recent FutureSound 2000 heat.

The band are very electronic, mid-80s to early 90s influences, and dare I say it for the fourth time now, an "indie-dance crossover band". This CD, however, is more dance and effects than indie, with keyboard and decks taking more of a lead role than vocals and guitars.

Mustn't Grumble. Its a free offering anyway, just not what I know of Superelectric, but I guess that may be more because this is a "limited edition" and you often get something different and unexpected on such CDs. A little bit more experimental. Whilst the normal Superelectric verges on the edge of what I'd listen to, and could realistically say "I am into", I can honestly say that this CD has taken me over that verge and off into something I know little about, nor would I actually listen to it day-in-day-out (if at all).

Choosing a favourite and I'd go for M.S.T (Live & Direct), a more atmospheric track, gentle vocals and heavily keyboard-driven, with the occasional guitar tinkering. M.S.T is the fifth track, and by this stage I was beginning to think about switching it off. Keeping going, and This Bud's For You, an 80s-TV-intro-sort-of-thing (slightly too many effects to actually be on TV, but its got that sort of funky TV feel to it). The best songs as far as I'm concerned are hidden at the end. Not quite "at the end" though, as a hidden track features on their CD. Strange stuff lurks in the oddest of places.

A mixed feeling from this CD. Perhaps this is a personal reason because I liked Superelectric for what I'd seen them do, then they've shown me all of this other weird stuff they can do. Perhaps I cannot cope with seeing one band with so many varying styles. Perhaps its because I just don't like dance. Well, not really ayway as I like Superelectric. Perhaps ... oh I don't know.