This is a review of "Going Blank" recorded by Superelectric. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

I was fortunate to see Superelectric in action at the Circuit tour a few weeks ago, so knew exactly what to expect from their demo. Superelectric are a mix of styles and influences, really can only be grouped under one big heading of indie/dance cross over, very electronic and effects driven, from the keyboards and decks to the vocal-effects throughout.

One of the influences I saw from the live show is immediately obvious in their opening track Going Blank, which reminded me a lot of Soup Dragons, both musically and even more so vocally. The band informed me that "shame would be on me" if I mentioned Mother Universe period, so lets not even mention that shall we ... *wink* A very good opening track to a CD I enjoyed listening to (in fact I still do).

Second up on the four track CD is the dance show that is called Project. No vocals on this track, it is pure keyboards, effects and decks to produce an interesting "journal" through to the next track. The one vocal you can hear at times is the mix of the final track "Life is not a Rehearsal", though this is a 10-second spurt no more. I can imagine a lot of pre-90s bands in this track, a very good, very staged and very imaginative 4 minutes.

Third up and more influences are shown. Stereo MCs, perhaps late Beatles, though more importantly the track is simply Superelectric. The band retains the same keyboard style of previous songs, add in a bit of guitar, and add that Manchester touch of bands like Verve in their early days. A nice mix of indie / dance that is so obvious live.

Life is not a Rehearsal closes up the CD, and like I mentioned earlier we are given clips of the track mixed into the track "Project". This is more up-beat and a fitting way to end the CD. Guitar riffs, mixed over the decks, and a catchy vocal line in the chorus "Life is not a rehearsal, Do you feel a reversal?".

A very interesting CD, musically each track is different and thats what makes Superelectric's demo so fresh, and why its still played on leedsmusicscene's jukebox.