This is a review of "The Stars Of A Teenage Wet Dream" recorded by The Ladykillers. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2001.

Having been exposed to The Ladykillers' live experience - and to be honest, not being overly impressed - I nervously accepted a request for a review of "The Stars Of A Teenage Wet Dream", their latest CD. Whilst the CD has the same annoying traits that made me dislike the live show, it had enough good points for me to relax my opinion of them.

The CD welcomes you with some hefty chords, and gives you the impression, for a second at least, that you're going to be accepted into a world of T-Rex, Survivor, or some other 70s classic rock affair. However, hopes are dashed (or relieved), as waiting to be introduced is a keyboard sound in an 80's pop-style, which takes their music off into an early Pulp era, lyrics and vocal style included.

Don't worry - several guitar solos and the occasional glance at the photo of front man James Martin will return your thoughts to a band of rock legend status. Yet does their music match such a statement?

Well it's ok. Or, it's different. There's enough sleazy rock'n'roll in there to keep you interested, and if you like Rocky Horror then you'll be glad to hear "The Battle Of The Sexes". Talk about reminding you of the film... [ cue, another glance at the photo ]

Overall, there's a potential market for their music as it's well written and covers a few genres - enough to capture an audience.

The downside? I cannot say I enjoy listening to Andi - she's perfect as a backing vocalist, but when she does main vocals, even a line or two, it sounds nothing more than a whine.