This is a review of "Dry" recorded by Aeon. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

Its been a very busy year for local band Aeon. They've released their EP, "Dreams in Black and White", played the final of the Bright Young Things 2000 competition at the recently closed T&C, they had to take a forced break when singer Daz injured himself, and now they're back again with a series of gigs and a new demo.

I was a bit dubious at first about the demo after the previous EP had constantly threatened, but lacked the killer touch, but this time the band have really come up with the goods. The CD begins with "Dry" and boy, does it begin. Beware, the bass intro caused my speakers to splutter with a request for help, its so imense an opening. The difference between this CD and the previous EP is that this CD takes the eerie, atmospheric gothic nature of "Dreams in Black and White" and goes for the throat with some amazing lead guitar, and effects driven rhythm. In short... it rocks.

For "Magazine Man", the killer touch has finally been found as Aeon add a more metal-goth-rocker's touch to their sound, vocally very similar to "Dry" and their EP, but this time they add a catchy chorus to their now unique and recognisable sound...I think this track is my personal favourite.