This is a review of "Oh My God" recorded by Kaiser Chiefs. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2004.

The debut single from Kaiser Chiefs is quintessentially British guitar pop. And loveably so. Keys - in whatever form - are prominent from the off, introduced via the almost single fingered tinkering of the intro, and at around 3 minutes in there's an "A Day In The Life" like moment, where all parties, including, paradoxically, quietly-screamed vocals, get to build up the sound before heading into a chorus repeat and then fade. And rather good it is too. The whole song is, in fact.

It's so laidback, but packed with ideas. On occasions it can evoke dreamy nothingness, a somewhat lackadaisical response, yet the next play may force the listener to get up and dance, all told a certain sprightly, more lively and upbeat reaction. Like drinking on a hot, dreamily slow summer afternoon. So go figure that one. Possibly it's because of the slower delivery of the verses, which conversely have a bouncy upbeat style to the vocal pattern. Equally possible is that it is because of the jerky nature of a rather glorious, but simple and memorable chorus.

This insanely catchy chorus is one of those that can cause serious family friction, though. After no end of non-stop plays, it should be noted that a certain brother of mine switched the auto-repeat off the CD player, and said in no uncertain terms that if he "ever heard Oh my god, I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home again he would shove the CD... ". You get the gist. But I wouldn't bet against him singing it today too. Maybe that's his point; so catchy it borders on annoyingly unforgettable.

He loved it really...