This is a review of "Wow Signal EP" recorded by Visa. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

Can I start this by simply saying "Wow!".

This is good.

This CD is even better than good. Its bloody amazing. Honestly.

If I can start by saying that I was given the opportunity to go and watch Visa last weekend, a gig I couldn't make it to, but a gig that was raved about in two reviews on this website - I really wish I had been there. If you hear this CD you too will wish you had been there. To think that this CD was produced by the band in 1998/99, I can't even begin to imagine what other marvels they've written since.

Imagine the sounds of London / Oxford around five or six years ago, perhaps more, the likes of Supergrass, Candyskins, and the underground indie talents of bands such as Kinky Machine, and a lot of bands who really came too soon prior to that Britpop craze. Visa have that sort of appeal you just can't get away from, the sort of appeal that leaves you listening to the same CD for days on end, that welcome feeling of finalling understanding and a feeling that everything is just going to be ok.

Every single song on this CD is to die for, musically astounding, very good vocals, so good you're just waiting for the next line, anticipating ....

I daren't talk about each song individually for fear of not doing them the justice they deserve, but if the world learns just one thing from the gig review and this demo it should be that one and all should make every effort to go and see Visa live.

Gig review: "Why aren't this lot signed?". Why indeed.