This is a review of "What can you do with a pig's head and sheep's brains?" recorded by Farming Incident. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

Farming Incident are disturbing. Their three track CD demo is not only titled "What can you do with a pig's head and sheep's brains?", a title to get any decent human being worried about what they are about to encounter, but their opening track Rostov begins with the lyrics "When I was a boy, My father used to give me cigarettes, Then beat me up for smoking, When I was a boy, I used to torture my pets".

When Dave returns for the second track Sputnik 8 Ace we're treated to a slightly more mainstream - for those of you out there thinking this means mainstream, note the words "slightly more" ... we're getting there but we've now reached the realms of bands who I first got into around 5 years ago, such as Scarfo and Prolapse, the real Fierce Panda scene. Each corner, each chord change, each vocal line has its own tale to tell, brought together into the one CD.

I like this, simply because its different and anyone who can do "different" as well as this just rocks.