This is an archive of the band profile for Graceadelica.

Graceadelica are a four piece hailing from Leeds, West Yorkshire. After just re-mastering the 'ON EP' the band have now set their sights on working their new EP 'How I lost My Self Respect ' for 2005/06. The Graceadelica sound is an infuriatingly catchy mix of singing guitars, awesome melodic synths, crashing drums complimented by dancy basslines and cleverly worked haunting vocals.

The songs on the current EP are all written and performed by Graceadelica. Their home recorded demo was recorded at Gracadelica's self built Studio.

Recent reviews have compared the bands sound to a hybrid of The Killers, The Music, U2 and The Verve and have also commented on how the line between dance, indie and rock are brilliantly blurred.

They have also headlined many gigs in Leeds including HMV and Black Market Music Showcases.

Graceadelica have a strong following, many students at Leeds University descend upon venues to attend Graceadelica gigs. Graceadelica also have a knack of impressing 'first time' listeners and have a strong yet still growing fan base in Leeds, Manchester and York.

This year the band will be working on their new EP and showcasing their new songs on the Leeds, Manchester and London music scenes..