This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Bodixa. The review was written by Dave Sugden in 2000.

"The female REM".

No matter what I read, in either local or national papers, I cannot avoid seeing the wonder that is Leeds' Bodixa being described as a female version of REM. And each time I read it I cringe, because I just cannot see any similarity at all. Despite their critics, who are often obscured in their lack of an eye for beautifully crafted and delivered songs, Bodixa are a unique band, unique in appearance, in their music and in their vocals. And they have no resemblance to REM at all - sometimes veering towards a blend of acoustic-indie and folk, the five-piece match the amazing lead vocals of Anna with some serious guitar work from Emily and Dave.

As far as their latest CD goes, it's a little bit more laid-back than some of the tracks they will have been performing on their current UK University tour - where, by the way, the band have made many, many fans and sold over 500 copies of this CD. On occasions Bodixa can crunch up their set and mix the electric and acoustic guitars quite admirably, however this demo shows a different side to the band, having picked the more heat felt, immense acoustic tracks from their set.

All five tracks are mystical in their delivery, a relaxing feel to them - perhaps a "summer-time feel", but the underlying mood may take the edge of that impression. The tracks also possess a festival sound of sorts and I hope that someday we will all be able to experience them on such a stage on a hot sunny summer afternoon.

The one down point, if there really has to be one, is that except for opening tracks "Aftertaste" and "Balloon", the songs lack that bit of crunch from Dave's guitar - an aspect to the band that really does make "their sound", compared to a general "acoustic ballad" sound. But that being said, two out of five is a good percentage and perhaps I just like this particular Bodixa-style too much. Whereas I'm expecting more similar tracks, the band have chosen to show off their other song writing talents in the final tracks. Yeah, I suppose they are right and I am wrong - there are no down points!

All in all, Bodixa have a CD to counter any critics and have a live show to match. Hard working and a very popular national band now (no longer just a Leeds band), here's hoping they continue to do well.