This is an archive of the band profile for Bonsai Kittens.

Bonsai Kittens' 2 female protagonists, Sarah (Badass) & Nik (Bigass) have played in various bands in the past, including Bobby Six Killer, Albeit, Planet Lounge, and Charly Six. But none quite like this...

After joining forces in April 2003 following Sarah's purchase of a Yamaha QY20 sequencer on ebay, the two quickly discovered a mutual appreciation of 80s electronic pop, true metal (as opposed to nu metal), dry white wine, and being ridiculous. Spurred on by their shared vision and the absence of additional band members with whom to argue, the Kittens embarked on a gleeful song-writing frenzy, exploring a range of musical genres from 50s bubble-gum pop to electro-power-metal. Through semi-autobiographical subject matter which mulls over the 'joys' of living in Wakefield, the so-called damaging effects of listening to heavy metal, and the anguish of losing your boyfriend to a Sony Playstation, the Kittens have introduced a host of colourful characters, including killer grannies in Asda, Trev and his excellent advice, and Marshall Prince of Darkness (Lord of the Feline Underworld).

Relatively restrained performances at early gigs quickly developed into the all-singing all-dancing extravaganza of the Kittens' current live show, complete with props, uniforms, and generous lashings of their now trademark random banter. Appealing to anyone with an appropriately attuned sense of humour, the Kittens have played alongside bands of contrasting musical styles, from Norwegian black metal, to all-girl Japanese electro-punk, to Leeds' own hardcore DIY scenesters. Some love em, some hate em, while others are simply left bewildered. But none can deny that these gals are having a whole lotta fun. .