This is a review of "Boogie Man" recorded by Capri. The review was written by Sam Saunders in 2004.

If you let yourself, you'll love this band to death. Only the fear of it not being Iggy Pop could stop you.

For God's sake, this is an eleven piece jazz-funk band of considerable wonderfulness. The style is effortlessly mastered: the fun, the romance and the deep and tender lurve nuggets are there in hip-twitching trouserfuls. They play like the best, and they have some great songs to play. Daniel Woodward writes and arranges the stuff. He is the Man. He can drum a bit too.

"Firebird" is a big jazz anthem with huge energy and dance insanity. The horn section is a killer. "The Getaway" is a sleazy groovy TV Show cop thing with brilliant percussion and spikes of drama and fabulous trombone digs. Just stop and listen – this is real people playing this and they're not messing about. No irony – just straight good time excitement.

"Barbarella" has a monster lead-in riff and some big soundstage chords that could fill an aircraft hangar full of tuxedoed celebrity award liggers. It’s on a scale that could carry the main feature film credits right the way down to lights up. There's a Steely Dan worthy guitar solo as well. Woo hoo.

"Real World" has a shout out loud for joy keyboard riff that you’ve kind of heard somewhere (maybe with Huey Lewis and the News or something), but never quite this well dressed. "Car Chase on Phoenix Avenue" is an early hit from the band, with plenty of show off drumming and a "Pick up the Pieces" kind of horn section that really bites. Playing that hard-edged and together is hard to find. There's a grand sax solo too.

"Prelude" is the short piece – with some freaky electronica and the threat of something organic about to burst out of someone's space suit. It ends on a "Dearly Beloved" funeral chord, and then it’s into a delicious Latin-feel thing called Into the sun" that fully employs Benson Walker's rich voice. The "Boogie Man" has a glorious hint of Bob Marley in the main riff, and very very busy everything else.

Twelve tracks in all, and every one a testament to Capri's serious commitment to making the highest quality leisure music that money can buy. What I humbly suggest, dear reader, is that you put your ego-anxiety in the cupboard for the evening, and get your funky arse down to the Wardrobe on Saturday May 29th to see the full eleven piece band launch this rocket of an album. If you don’t fall in love with something or someone, you're in need of therapy. It'll make you grin like a fool and dance like a primate.