This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Dolores. The review was written by Gavin Miller in 2004.

I’m intrigued. Track three on this CD is called ‘Reykjavik 101’, which is a sort of name check of one of my favourite films ever. Although quite what it has to do with a young man who gets drunk and sleeps with his newly outed mother’s lesbian lover, I have no idea.

‘Al’s House’ kicks things off, and is a rather pleasant slice of coffee table funk/jazz, with angular guitar chords whizzing over some stop/start drums and some fat, booming bass. The sultry vocals of singer Fuzzy Jones are what holds the piece together, but feel quite lost in the murky, bass heavy mix. Get some EQ on those vocals, and now we’re talking.

‘Practically Unkind’ follows on with some funky, driving rhythms matched to the lively guitar work and again, the seductive vocals. Again, however, the vocals are lost somewhere, lurking in the background somewhere. It’s a shame really, because Fuzzy is obviously quite the singer. It’s a nice enough song though, guaranteed to be in every jazz student’s CD player.

The aforementioned ‘Reykjavik 101’ is next, and feels like a slow, trippy jam. It’s great in other words. Apart from the rather cheesy at times vocals, the track is pretty damn near fine. Squealing guitar leads over some slow, trip hop-esque drums and that low, deep bass sound all combine to give the EP a nice slice of diversity. Seeing as how just after I had booked my trip to the same place, it’s kind of strange that this landed on my doorstep. I’ll be sure to listen to it whilst I am actually in Reykjavik 101 this summer.

Last track ‘A Short Film About…’ is a darker, subtler track than the others. With Fuzzy’s, well, fuzzed-up vocals, and the driving rhythms (programmed by the way) all set to the melancholic guitar stabs and delayed leads, it’s a strange, if quite impressive, way to round things off.

For anyone wanting to escape the rigours of rock music, or have just had a shitty day at work, then this CD will probably do the trick. Keeping the tunes slick and funky, watch out for Dolores.