This is a review of "Kids knee deep in the Power of Love" recorded by Martha. The review was written by Richard Garnett in 2003.

Martha quickly establish a big power-pop sound on this 3 track release. It's energetic and well played, produced etc, but the overall songwriting is still someway of the polished finish of the CD packaging.

Like so many in the same guitar blasting up tempo brigade, these are songs you know must feel great when they're being played live. They put smiles on musicians faces, heck I bet they even break a sweat, but the listen back test is someway short of the same euphoria.

"The way you are" is a prime example, the intro guitar riff sets the scene, the bridge climbs out of it's seat and the chorus then falls over the table. It makes a big noise but looks clumsy. The underlying problem is one of melody, or rather lack of it. Chris Parkinson powers into his vocals but with little sympathy or variation, and in a repeated airing it does little justice and provides even less to remember them by.

The professional approach Martha have taken with this CD clearly shows their intention to play with the big lads. There is promise here but some work is still needed before the songs quite match the package.