This is an archive of the band profile for FormalDehyde.

Aidan - Guitar and Vocals
Sarah - Guitar
Laura - Drums and Aggressive vocals
Danny - Bass

Sarah (guitar) and Laura (drums and aggressive vocals) had the idea of being called FormalDehyde after hearing a song called "Code Blue" by a band called T.S.O.L. They got a band together with some of their friends and formed a line up, although people in the band had musical differences and therefore parted ways, forcing the project to be put on hold for about a month. Afterwards they decided to give it another go with 2 new members replacing the old line up with Aidan taking the role as lead singer and guitarist, and Danny taking up bass duties. FormalDehyde has since then got better week-by-week, writing and performing new songs each time, and has developed their sound into a more mature style and generally they have a great passion for music. Groups that have influenced them are bands like Funeral For a Friend, A Static Lullaby, Finch and The Used..