This is an archive of the band profile for The Absent Minded Golfers.

The Absent Minded Golfers have been described by many as the British equivalent to the Desert Sessions. The finest minds that the world has to offer brought together to produce a  mixture of hard rock, break beats and electronic outlandishness mixed with alcohol and crank phone calls culminating in music that will boggle the minds of those listening.

Recorded over a 3 day period in July 2003 this collective of intelligentsia are here to save the music world from its current state of stagnation.

The band: El Micko, Be-bop Jesus, DJ Tabclear, The Nonsensical Dr Leach, The Renegade of Funk and Inspector Beaver.

Guest members: Dark Omega, P.Jiggy and the one armed bandit.

“no one can stop the golfers".