This is an archive of the band profile for Random Hand.

Random Hand have been going for over a year and have recently moved to Leeds.

Within just over a year, the band have recorded one demo, appeared on international compilations, played over 40 gigs around the UK and got impressive live reviews from webzines and have begun to attract attention from members of the ska scene.

They have been described as King Prawn Fronted by The Specials. Sone of the bads we have played with include: Skindred, Babar Luck (ex King Prawn), Zen Baseballbat, Sonic Boom 6, APB, Smoke Like A Fish, Mr Zippy, Caffeine, The Big, Catch It Kebabs, Project Abner, P.O. Box (France), Mr Shiraz, Four Dumb Kids, Harijan, Random Grandad, Breene, Fine Apple, Milk2Sugars, Minions Of Jeffery, The Fractions, Brand New Analogues, asLS and many others..