This is a review of "Untitled" recorded by Helica. The review was written by James Stringer in 2003.

Helica's demo is quite impressive. Soft guitars, rock songs with melodies, subtle drums and a gorgeous female voice. In some ways they remind me of Belle and Sebastien, in others Blondie (especially on the last track).

Opening track "Glass" has some intriguing muted guitar lines with strong vocal lines as the song builds up from almost silence to a more powerful but melodic state of play and back again, always progressing. The lyrics are quite dark at times "shattered - left in pieces", while retaining a popish element to it in the melody.

"The girl that time forgot" moves along with the strummed acoustic guitar, soft vocals and sweet lead guitar lines that fit so well. Helica are so melodic and this song is a great example. This song's subtle dynamics are part of its beauty - it slowly builds and builds from being a simple strum along to a more intense, rockier outro.

"All My Good" is a good closer. Minor key guitar riffs, mellow while still being edgy. More up tempo than the others but still with a hint of melancholy in the vocals. The soft to hard dynamics again are again used to full effect and concludes in a rocking out, dropping to reveal only voice and guitar before it all dies down.

I'd like to see this band live to see how well they come across in a live situation. I suggest you do the same.